Unlocking Maps in Basecamp

Discussion in 'Mapping & Navigation' started by pckopp, Mar 23, 2018.

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    Thanks,it worked for me too :clap. Funny that garmin support didn`t mention that i need to be logged in admin account to use those maps.
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    I have verified this situation on two other Windows 10 machines. But this only occurs with maps that have been downloaded from Garmin as part of a lifetime maps subscription. All the other maps I have that are installed locally are available to all the users of the machine, both admin and regular. I have an older Topo US 100K map, a new City Nav Europe 2018.2, and an older City Nav Australia / New Zealand. All are available and unlocked for all users. Topo, of course comes unlocked.

    When I get a chance I will call Garmin support and see if they have any words of wisdom.

    Thanks to everyone with suggestions. Appreciate the help.
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    Looks like I am having the same trouble...On My MacBook using Garmin Express I select to download a copy to this computer and it says everything was successful. When I unplug the Garmin I loose access to the latest map (2019-10)?

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    Try JaVaWa GMTK ( http://www.javawa.nl/gmtk_en.html ).
    It will allow you to transfer unlock codes between profiles, or from your GPS to your computer. Available on Mac or PC.
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    Answers can sometimes be found in the GarminForums run by Garmin, though more often than not, you're faced with pathetic unacceptable excuses posted by the moderator who seems as much in the dark as you will be. The forum doesn't even have anything that addresses GPS devices for the road (car, motorcycle, truck etc.), which indicates to me how Garmin sees it's future in competition with smartphone navigation apps.

    I had the same issue as the OP. Telephone tech support for Basecamp was dismal (and for navigating Mac files and folders, downright wrong!), and no answer was forthcoming in the Garmin forum, so I ended up deleting all sorts of files and reinstalling software and data in my Mac before Basecamp would even recognize the unlocked map update files.

    I suggest downloading Garmin's MapManager for Mac, which makes it easy to locate (and possibly even unlock) Garmin map files in your Mac. Be sure to click on the button [Reveal in Finder] to access those files.

    Basecamp is about the lowest of Garmin's priorities these days, with the only software update in the last year or more designed to strip it of cloud features that Garmin abandoned.