Vancouver to Panama or TDF - 7 months - Itinerary?

Discussion in 'Americas' started by ThePinkRobot, Oct 1, 2017.

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    I'm leaving next week on a 7 month trip from Vancouver, Canada to either Panama or TDF, and I am looking for suggestions on how I should plan my route down. Obviously there are countless ways to go, and I could spend many years planning 'the best route' but I'm not that type. My plan is basically to just go south, and see how it goes. Is that a terrible idea, or a fantastic one??? :hmmmmm

    I'll decide the final destination (Panama or TDF) when I am on the road, but my exceptionally vague plan so far is:

    If Panama and back:
    October: Vancouver -> Phoenix (Majority on highway 101, and I have a place to stay in Phoenix for a week when I get there)
    November: Mexico mainland (no Baha, I want to see mainland Mexico)
    December - February: Central America
    March: Mexico again
    April: Mexico -> Vancouver

    If I'm going to TDF and shipping bike back (assuming we both survive):
    October: Vancouver -> Phoenix
    November: Mainland Mexico
    December: Central America
    January: Northern South America
    February: Brazil
    March and April: Chile and Argentina

    I am slightly concerned that when I am on the road, finding 'the best motorcycle roads' for my next week of rides will get old, and I'll just end up 'going south on whatever road is in front of me', and it'll lead to a trip of missed opportunities along the way. :becca


    - I'll keep a trip report updated as I go (maybe ya'all can guide me???)
    - I'll be going cheap (ie Mostly staying in hostels, finding couches, and I'm bringing a Hennessy hammock with basic camp gear)
    - The bike, Lily, is a 650 Kawasaki Versys
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    TDF may be a little chilly in April
    When I rode to TDF. I arrived in late Dec. and enjoyed mostly great weather

    I suggest looping both Colombia and Ecuador
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    I'd do the ride to Panama and back.
    Your timing is good and you'll have more time to explore each area vrs blasting thru like so many do. There is ALOT to see in Mexico.