What did you ship HOME? i.e., overpack...

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    Apr 25, 2003
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    Just got back from a fly and ride from wichita Kansas to Tucson AZ. Since I flew just prior to the B1K i knew id be going to warm weather of Baja for several days. Before returning to kansas in who-knows-what weather I had to consider all contingencies. I got a couple of throw away luggage pieces and packed all my gear in them to fly. Once in AZ I took primarily warmer weather clothing and camping equipment into the Baja and left the harsh weather gear at a friends place. The bike came with knobbie tires but I found a guy selling a like new set of Mitas tires here in the FM for the road trip back home. Once we finished the race and I rode back to AZ, I changed the tires and packed all the excess gear back into the luggage along with the souvenirs and shipped it and the tires all back home carrying only what I needed for the three day trip back. Needed all my cold weather clothing during the return trip! I only used a GL Great Basin to carry things during the trip and didn't have space for all of it at once! Yes I beat all the shipped stuff home!
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    A useless madstad windshield, jeans, books, maps, and a whole fucking Camelback Hogg.
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    My last shipment home while on a trip was a large parcel sent from somewhere in South-Western France to NY with a dress suit, shoes and underpants from a cousins wedding that I didn't want to haul all over France, Spain, Switzerland and Germany. It was a fairly annoying process to find a French post office, try to communicate with them, get a box from them, stick my stuff in, tape it up, figure out the forms needed for international shipment in French (ha-ha), take it to the counter and pay for it. Took an hour or so, with lots of curious looks from the locals as I marched around their small town square in my moto-uniform. It also cost about 45-50Euros. I sent it to my sister in NY to hold for my return. That worked OK, but her husband opened it because he was curious and got to smell my sweaty stuff. In my research, I have found cheaper shippers for parcels.
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    1996 I rode a fully packed K1100lta to Alaska where it broke down and was unrepairable. I shipped everything except the cloths on my back, riding gear and tent pack. I then rode home a R100/7 Vintage 1978. The 2 fairly large boxes contained camp stove and meal kit, cloths and walking shoes, photog gear, tank bag, lantern and flashlights ect. I rode that R bike lean and mean and stinky. Fairbanks to Milwaukee took me 4 and one half days sun up to sun down as the generator went kaput and I disconnected all electrical except for ignition. Battery was toast just entering WI and I bought an old deep cycle battery and installed jumpers. I strapped that behemoth to the seat, and it got me home.
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    On my first "big" trip of 1 week, I didn't ship anything back but regretted packing so much food in cans and bringing water for several days. The cans were very heavy and would scratch up my hard bags on the inside. It wasn't even very exciting stuff so it stayed in there a while. And the water? I could have gotten more each day when I stopped for gas.