Indian Motorcycles just announced it’s expanded its rental network, with availability in most regions of the US, and even two rental locations in Canada.

For years, Harley-Davidson has been The Bike To Rent in the US, with widespread availability through both participating H-D dealers, as well as Eagle Rider and other rental operations (which are often paired with a dealer to start with). However, Indian’s been keen to chip away at every aspect of Harley’s meat-and-potatoes business, from clothing, riding gear and other merchandise to factory custom programs, and now a rental program.

You can see Indian’s rental location network here. Yeah, there are some big holes there, but Indian does have at least one rental location in every major geographical subdivision of the US, including New England, Florida, Texas, the Midwest, the Northwest, California and the Rockies. This means that the rentals should be of interest to anyone looking to do a fly-and-ride, intent on exploring a specific region, can do so. If you’re a European rider who wants to see the Pacific Coast Highway, easy-peasy.

Also note that Indian is expanding its rental program into Canada, with a location in Vancouver, British Columbia as well as one in Barrie, Ontario (north of Toronto). It’s fairly easy for Americans to get their bikes into Canada (or at least, it used to be easy, before COVID-19). The Indian rental option might be useful for other riders coming in from overseas, though.

Indian says it will offer Scout, Chief, Springfield, Chieftain, Roadmaster, and FTR motorcycles at its rental locations, although it seems likely there will be an emphasis on touring-oriented bikes. Indian recommends riders bring their own helmet and riding gear, but it will provide a helmet if the rider doesn’t have their own. Indian is also starting to put together self-guided ride suggestions at its rental siteā€”see more details here.

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