Indian has announced its returning models for 2022, and some new refinements to the V-twin lineup.

Refined features

No big announcements at this point, but plenty of small tweaks to make the bikes’ systems more enjoyable to use.

Indian updated the Ride Command system for 2022, with new overlay showing local speed limits on the navigation or map screen as you ride (c’mon, whatever happened to Sticking it to The Man?). It’s standard on all ’22 models with connected services, and available for ’20 and ’21 models as an update. Bluetooth compatibility is updated as well, and the Ride Command software is supposed to boot up faster.

There’s a new luggage rack bag, day bag and touring bag for the Spirit Lake luggage line, new LED saddlebag lights, and new lower fairing components for Challenger models. Challenger models also have traction control re-tuned.

The Scout models now have an optional Daymaker 5.75-inch LED headlight, with cornering-sensitive aim: Turn into a corner, and accelerometers will sense the lean angle, and shift the headlight’s aim accordingly. Scout models also have new two-up seat options, analog tach, and adjustable shocks.

Of course, there are new paint options for 2022 as well.

Returning bikes

In 2022, the liquid-cooled Challenger, Challenger Dark Horse and Challenger Limited are all coming back. These are Indian’s flagship bikes, with the PowerPlus V-twin.

Further down the line, most Thunder Stroke-powered bikes also return, including the Roadmaster, Roadmaster Dark Horse, Roadmaster Limited, Springfield, Springfield Dark Horse, Chieftain, Chieftain Dark Horse and Chieftain Limited.

The Scout line is all returning for 2022, including the Scout, Scout Bobber, Scout Sixty, Scout Bobber Twenty and Scout Bobber Sixty.

Previously, Indian also confirmed the FTR series was returning for 2022, and we’re getting new Chief models.

Not returning

At this point, it seems the Vintage and Vintage Limited are not returning for 2022. Interesting—these were the most retro-styled machines in Indian’s lineup. Does this indicate a shift away from the kitschy Davy Crockett styling,  or is Indian just making room for something new?

Expected for 2022

Speaking of which: Indian’s press release did not mention the new Pursuit model, which seems to be coming for 2022, thanks to leaked government regulatory paperwork.

For more details on paint and pricing, check out

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