Want to ride an Indian motorcycle? Now, you’ll be able to try before you buy, as Indian launches a new rental program through its dealership network. Well, at least some dealers …

This week, Indian announced it will start providing motorcycle rentals through some dealerships in the US. Motorcyclists will be able to rent current-model Indians (“the latest and greatest from Indian Motorcycle,” said Indian’s marketeer), with the fleet being turned over every 12-18 months to ensure the rental options are always new-ish. Customers will be able to rent for anything from a morning’s ride, to a cross-continental trip; options range from as little as four hours, to several weeks.

Pricing seems to range from as low as $89 for a half day to $169 for a full day, depending which model you pick and for what time period you want to rent. There may also be differences between geographic locations at some point, although for now, prices seem fairly standard across the board.

To rent, you can visit Indian’s rental website to find a list of participating dealers; clicking through to the dealer webpage brings you to the individual rental sites. For now, only nine dealers are signed on to the rental program, in Nashville and Murfreesboro, Tennessee; Marietta, Georgia; Boerne, Texas; Redlands, San Diego and San Jose, California; and Newport News, Virginia. That still covers a lot of the country, but if you’re in the midwest, aka “cruiser country,” then you’re outta luck.

Presumably, more dealers will be added to the list in the future, though.

With rumors swirling of new Indian models, even including a new adventure bike, is this rental program the ultimate demo bike setup, with customers paying to test ride new Indians? It’s highly possible this is the cleverest marketing scheme of all …

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