Very soon after applying to trademark the “Raven” name, Indian Motorcycles has filed a trademark application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to use the name “Renegade”.

Could this mean that Indian is now working on two new models?  With the information presently available, it’s not clear.  When the Raven name was applied for, Indian declared that the name was for “motorcycle and structural parts thereof.”  This time around, the application was silent on what the name was to be used for.

That leaves us pretty much in the dark as to what Indian has up its sleeve.  But that doesn’t stop the rumors and conjecture as to what the Raven will be if the application is granted.  Some think the Renegade name will be used for another Indian Cruiser.  One publication has suggested that the Renegade will be a streetfighter.  Finally, some speculate that the bike will be a “bobber”.

Regardless of what Indian has up its sleeve, they may never have the opportunity to use the name, Renegade.  Currently, Bombardier’s Can-Am ATV uses Renegade.  In addition, Jeep uses Renegade for one of their SUVs.   So the use of the name Renegade is getting pretty crowded.

Ultimately the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will review Indian’s application and determine whether allowing them to trademark the name Renegade would cause any confusion as to what the source of the product was.  In addition, they will check for “relatedness” of goods.   Related goods to do not have to be identical, it is sufficient that they are related in such a manner that consumers are likely to assume (mistakenly) that they come from a common source.

So what can we take from all of this?  From my perspective, it says Indian Motorcycles are on the move and they want to grow.

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