There seems to be hope for India’s “struggling” moto industry.  Moto sales results have been released for July and they are on the path to recovery.

In some cases, July 2020 sales outperformed sales from the same period last year.  Out of the top 10 models sold in India in July, four models posted more sales in July 2020 than 2019.  Those models are:

The full top ten results are as follows:

Model 7/1/2020 7/1/2019 Difference % Change
Hero Splendor            213,413    178,907                34,506 19%
Hero HF Deluxe            154,142    169,632              (15,490) -9%
Honda CB Shine              88,969      94,559                (5,590) -6%
Bajaj Pulsar              73,836      62,469                11,367 18%
Hero Glamour              51,225      71,160              (19,935) -28%
Hero Passion              44,377      43,439                      938 2%
Bajaj Platina              35,103      52,489              (17,386) -33%
Bajaf CT 100              33,774      39,728                (5,954) -15%
TVS Apache              33,664      25,094                   8,570 34%
Royal Enfield Classic              25,534      29,439                (3,905) -13%

These figures represent pretty good news for the top 10 bikes in India considering the impact of the COVID pandemic.  With 40 percent of the top ten bikes beating last year’s sales, that’s much better than many expected.  In fact, if you average the top ten bikes sold in India, sales have only dropped about 2% of the same period last year.

Total India sales

However, if you evaluate all powered two-wheeler sales in India, there’s still a way to go to get to “full” recovery.  In July 2019, 1,511,692 units were sold measured against 2020’s total of 1,281,354.  That equates to a bit over a 15 percent “de-growth” for the same period last year.  Anytime losses are 15 percent, it’s a significant hit to the company’s bottom line.

But considering there were factory shutdowns and dealership closings for a significant period of 2020, taken as a whole these moto sales figures are pretty encouraging.  Europe and North American also seem to be recovering.  And, it looks like sales may continue to jump for a while as many look for ways to commute using non-public transportation.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed that the growth continues, even after COVID’s impact has been dealt with.



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