Christmas is just around the corner and most will be celebrating, but a few inmates while enjoying a glass of cheer will have another thing on their mind…The. Whole. American. Continent.

Now is the time that it becomes real for some, in a few days it will be 2020, and is 2020 the year for that once in a lifetime big ride, through the whole American continent.

In 2018 this is how Yun aka ‘Thereisnoyun‘ was feeling, 2018 was his starting year.

“If you say it quickly, its a really easy journey”

he told me earlier this year, as we were eating BBQ in D.C. having spoken multiple times online, but never met in person until that day.

“Ride from Maryland, to Prudhoe Bay, then south to Ushuaia, north to Buenos Aires and fly the bike home!”

His ride –

So as we ate some good BBQ and chatted I asked him, did you have any concerns about your big ride on your DR650? His answers are something other riders might consider as a guide.

One of my biggest fears on the road for me is not a catastrophic crash, but rather engine or transmission or drive line failure in the middle of nowhere. When things fail there are four major issues to contend with

1.) do you know whats wrong? (most important)⁠

2.) do you have the part to replace it? and if not can you buy it easily.⁠

3.) if you have the part or can acquire the part do you have the tool needed to fix it. ⁠

4.) and ultimately, do you have the skill to make a professional repair to keep going. ⁠

While the Dr650 is a simple bike many repairs still require trial and error and experience to fix on the road properly. Luckily I had a lot of practice over the years. This was the first mechanical repair I had to make, the starter wasn’t clicking over properly, definitely delayed the day but it wasn’t a show stopper. ⁠

Good words from an experienced from a guy ‘who has done it’.

Nowadays you can find Yun back in Maryland, enjoying life and the experiences it gave him and sometimes tearing his bike down to every last nut and bolt, just because


What are your worries or concerns before your big ride?

Can the inmates help you, many of them are very willing to take the trip vicariously with you, breakdowns and all…we have 370,000 standing by

…and threads on almost any bike for ideas on pre-trip prep, you’d consider doing the trip on – HERE in the ‘Bikes’ section!



Yun is active on Instagram and has a very informative website and is always willing to talk DR650, make a couple of clicks and a follow maybe.

IG – brakethecycles

Website – Brake the Cycle



images – Thereisnoyun

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