If you have an airbag vest or jacket, you know that it can provide some additional protection.  But unless you are a professional racer, your vest likely only has an algorithm for use on the street.

The off-road style of riding, by its nature, presents a far more complex environment.  Less than ideal terrain requires a much different algorithm to determine whether airbag inflation is appropriate.

You can bet that different companies are working on developing algorithms that will work in an off-road environment.  One of those companies is In&Motion, and they are designing a new algorithm and system designed to operate on the kind of terrain that off-road riders may encounter.

Adventure mode

They call their new setup the Adventure mode.  While the new system is appropriate for off-road conditions, they caution that it is not designed for more complex scenarios like Motocross, Supercross, Hard Enduro, Trial, FreeStyle MotoX, or Quads.

Specifically, they are developing a new detection mode that is based on “the Dakar mode.”  In&Motion says that they are using data acquired by “the top competitors of rally-raid.”

In&Motion KLIM AI-1 vest

In&Motion provides the brain for vest like KLIM’s AI-1 airbag vest. Photo credit: KLIM

Besides writing the algorithm, In&Motion produces the “brain” (called an “In&Box”) containing the algorithms which trigger airbag inflation.  Now, they are ready to start real-world testing of the new mode in a trial preview.  The purpose of the preview is to refine the algorithms and approve the new Adventure detection mode.

Testers wanted

And that’s where you come in.  If you already have an In&Box equipped airbag system such as the the one found in the KLIM above, Ixon, Furygan, Held and AST, you are eligible to become a tester for the new system.  Once accepted, In&Motion will give you the adventure mode algorithm.  Then all you have to do is ride off-road with the new Adventure mode enabled.

In&Motion says they will provide full details of the test program once you sign up.  If you are interested in participating, visit In&Motion’s Adventure mode webpage.


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