Insta360’s miniature Go2 action camera is now available in a 64 GB option, which should prove much more practical for adventure riders looking to record their exploits.

While GoPro is the 800-pound gorilla of the action camera market, Insta360 has carved out a nice little niche in the world of 360-degree video and other unique gadgetry. Its flagship is currently the One X2, but for users wanting a mini camera, without the 360-degree capability, there’s also the GO 2. ADVwriter @rtwpaul reviewed one back in mid-2021—see his take on the camera here.

One drawback of the original GO 2 was its smallish onboard recording capacity, as was pointed out in the comments section in Paul’s story. User @Mack Knife said removable SD cards would have been preferable, over the 32 GB onboard memory in the initial model: “32 gigs? Is a 256gig card larger than a 32? No. If storage memory is fixed then 32 gigs is laughable. At the end of a day the last thing you might want to do is review the video, you want to just head out the next day and continue the video recording.”

Other readers suggested 64 GB internal memory would be ideal, and now, that’s available for the GO 2. If you’re looking to film your trip from Miami to Alaska, that’s probably not enough storage, but when you pair it with the camera’s capability to download footage to your smartphone, the 64 GB limit should be enough to get you through a day, maybe even two, before downloading as you recharge your camera.

Aside from the updated memory, it seems this up-spec’d version of the camera is the same as the original version: Same clip-on capability, same accessories. For more details or to order, visit Insta360’s website, and see @rtwpaul’s initial review. Pricing for the upgraded version is $329 US vs $299 US for the original 32 GB version, so it’s a very affordable upgrade if you’re choosing which one you want.

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