Drawing on inspiration from the 10 ADV Commandments, specifically, #9: Thou Shalt Not Take Thine Self Too Seriously, I decided to compile a collection of Instagram vs Reality photos of ADV riders who have documented their adventures in the funniest way possible. We’ve all been guilty of taking photos of our bikes in flattering angles and making riding across puddles appear like Water Crossings or outsmarted by locals on small Chinese motorcycles – so let’s take a look!

Here are my Instagram vs Reality mishaps:

A daring water crossing? A dashing adventure across a muddy jungle trail?

Instagram vs Reality: Making Your Photos Look More Adventurous

Well, sure.

Instagram vs Reality: Making Your Photos Look More Adventurous

My favorite ones include locals wondering what the hell is this gringa photographing; here I am, feeling Very Adventurous on some remote dirt road in Ecuador…

Instagram vs Reality: Making Your Photos Look More Adventurous

A desolate and lonely dirt track leading into the unknown; the remote, wild lands of Ecuador…

Then a local family zips by, wondering what’s up:

…until, of course, locals show up

World traveler Lea Rieck had a similar experience in Liberia: aboard her fully loaded, adventure-ready Tenere 700, ready to take on a Water Crossing:

Until a local carrying bananas shows her how it’s done:

Here is me, going boldly where no (wo)man has gone before in the Andalucian landscape…

…except, not really, I just parked off the main road for a quick break.

While I haven’t gone to the lengths of photoshopping a side stand out of an image to make it look like I’m drifting around a corner or used fake backdrops – anything for Insta, right? – it’s fun to stage a photo every once in a while just for laughs,  especially as long as the real one is included in the post, too.

Have you got any hilarious Instagram vs Reality shots? Share them in the comments below!



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