Many motorcycle shows have already been canceled due to COVID.  EICMA, INTERMOT, AIMExpo, and the Tokyo show are just a few that are closing their convention doors for this year.

IMS Changing

However, it seems that the USA’s Progressive® International Motorcycle Shows (IMS) will continue this summer.  But this year, there will be significant changes, including a name change to Progressive IMS Outdoors.  The new name provides an indication of some of the changes for this year.

According to an IMS press release:

“…Progressive IMS Outdoors represents the revamp of the tour’s nearly 40-year stint that will not only transition IMS from the traditional convention center setup to a new open outdoor experience but will also create a festival-like atmosphere that promotes enthusiasts of all ages and levels to come together to better engage with products, each other, and the industry.”

More to see and do

But there are more changes than just going outdoors.  The scope of the show is changing from motorcycle centric to include a wider variety of outdoor machines.

In addition to showcasing the latest street bikes, dirt bikes, cruisers, scooters, and ATVs as well as the latest gear and aftermarket accessories, the new outdoor format will feature market adjacent products from micro-mobility to electric bicycles, overland and RV products, and more, thus welcoming potential and qualified riders into the industry. Attendees can also expect the remodeled tour to be more interactive than ever with an array of on-road and off-road demo opportunities for all ages and riding abilities, including the continuation of the successful Discover the Ride program. – IMS press release

So for this year’s IMS shows, it seems there will be more to do and see than in previous years. Seeing and learning about new bikes and equipment is great, but having the ability onsite to do on and off-road demos takes things much further.

Tracy Harris, Senior Vice President of IMS, had this to say about the newly re-organized event:

“At IMS, we have always placed an emphasis on evolving our shows to better support the community and enthusiasts.  Progressive IMS Outdoors will be the greatest evolution in the brand’s 38-year history. Taking IMS Outdoors not only changes our venues but opens up an array of opportunities for our team to deliver a truly first-of-a-kind experience for the community as the only event in the nation taking the proactive step to actively serve both the new rider and core audience.”

And there’s one other change.  IMS will be hosting the events in new cities and on different dates.  Unfortunately, IMS has yet to announce them.  But they pledge to let us know more sometime in December.  For more information about the new IMS shows, you can go to their website.

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