The worlds of offroad riding and, errrr, “vintage” enthusiasts, continue to collide, with the new Iron & Resin Moto Collection.

The Moto Collection, for now, consists of three new waxed cotton jackets, like the stuff you’d have gotten from Barbour or Belstaff back in the 1950s and 1960s. These days, those companies are still in business, along with Merlin and other companies making similar vintage-styled products. As well, other companies have started using waxed cotton in other styles of jackets—look at Aerostich’s Cousin Jeremy and Falstaff gear.

The new jackets from Iron & Resin are made of heavy-duty 12-ounce Halley Stevenson waxed cotton. Then, there’s an inner waterproof liner that doubles down on the weatherproofing. Finally, there’s a flannel liner inside of that.

With all those layers, these jackets should be good for foul weather, although no doubt it would be hot and sweaty on tight trails or in the scorching desert. But then, why would you be wearing a heavy-duty weatherproof jacket out in the dunes in the first place?

All these jackets also have CE-approved armour—Level 2 back protector, Level 1 elbow and shoulder protectors. There’s also lots of retro trim, with quilting and heavy-duty zippers and big snaps, etc.

The Iron & Resin Enduro jacket is three-quarters-length, along classic British design lines. The Ranger is cut higher, with a diagonal map pocket but no belt.  Iron & Resin’s Scrambler is a waist-length jacket, similar more contemporary designs.

Pre-order pricing (15 percent discount) is $465 for the Enduro, $390 for the Ranger and $425 for the Scrambler. That’s expensive, although Iron & Resin’s website has lots of marketing copy about how the company’s gear is hand-made to last, etc., etc. Perhaps, but established companies like Aerostich and Motoport have decades of satisfied customers to back up their price tags, while Iron & Resin doesn’t have that level of reputation yet.

However. Iron & Resin does get one thing right—its gear looks great. More details at the Iron & Resin website.

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