We keep hearing about Millennials and Gen Z young people not wanting to ride motorcycles.  But there is an undercurrent of young people who have the same enthusiasm for motorcycles as the “older” generations?  Is all that is missing is some encouragement from family to get them to ride?

I found this video on small electric motorcycle manufacturer Oset’s Facebook page.  And, it was quite refreshing and exciting for me to see that some young people seem to want to ride as much as I did way, way, back in the day.

So if anyone tells you that all “kids” want to do today is play video games, check out what this young rider can do on his machine.  Oset doesn’t publish much detail about who the young man is.  But if I checked out his father’s Facebook page where this video comes from and the young boy is his son Eddie.

It just goes to show you that if a kid gets a chance and some encouragement to ride, they likely will have a wonderful time doing it.  And, after watching this video, you’ll see how much fun Eddie has riding and how skilled he is.  Eddie’s skill on his trials machine is impressive!

Frankly, I’m actually a bit jealous of how early Eddie has developed his excellent riding skills.  One can imagine that this young man could turn into the next Dougie Lampkin or Toni Bou.  Congrats to you Eddie and to your family for showing you how much fun a motorcycle can be!

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