India is on a lot of riders’ bucket lists as a must-see destination, tour companies are as plentiful as the stories of breakdowns and the amazing interactions they bring.

…but does spending $5000 +/- on a tour and flights, before spending money for a week or two seem excessive or maybe you feel it’s just not enough time to immerse yourself?

How about going to India buying or renting a bike, and touring yourself, not having time restrictions, and making it a real adventure?

Do rides that have great routes already plotted appeal to you, things like the TAT, BDR’s, TCAT, TET, etc, that will take you on selected dirt and backroad routes to areas you may never find yourself, or simply don’t have the time to research?

North America and Western Europe aren’t the only places adventurous routes have been plotted.

In India, a good friend of mine is one of the three riders: Santosh Kumar, Abijith Rao and Aditya Kumar who had a dream to make a route to all four corners of the continent taking you on a guided tour of a possible 35,000kms you can complete at your own pace.

Its called The Great Indian Trail aka GRIT

The red line below shows what has already been plotted using primarily back roads and dirt tracks where available.

Just like any other track of this sort, it is in a constant state of change. Each state has dedicated riders to constantly be checking and updating for the best optimal route through their area.

So if riding in the north in the mountainous regions appeals or in the south near beaches, they have you covered.

India is a massive country, busy bustling cities and the second largest population in the world…you might need help finding your way around!

Below is a short video of one of the sections to whet your appetite…

The GRIT website has a tremendous amount of detail on their website, GPX and KML tracks are free to download so you can plan before you go


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