Think the motosphere is already polluted with too many scrambler models? Maybe, maybe not, but word on the street is that we’re about to get a couple more, thanks to Royal Enfield.

In the not-too-distant past, some markets saw scrambler accessory packages available for Royal Enfield’s single-cylinder models, but there hasn’t been an scrambler available from the factory as a production model in many, many years.

Decades ago, the British arm of the company built off-road competition bikes, but it’s been a long time since we’ve seen anything equivalent, unless you count the Himalayan 401 adventure bike. You could arguably call that bike a scrambler, but if you want to get really picky, that would probably be inaccurate, at least in the modern usage of the term. Modern scramblers are mostly retro-styled bikes with a few off-road friendly components, but overall, they’re mostly street-biased, with an emphasis on form over function, and the Himalayan is just the opposite.

However, Royal Enfield has been teasing images of a new bike along those lines, a chromed-out retro machine snapped in the middle of a water crossing. And, that’s it. No specs, no details on the engine, not even a clear photo of the motorcycle, just a promise of more details on March 26.

The Indian motor press is always abuzz with spy shots and rumours, though, and they’ve decided this machine will be based on Royal Enfield’s air-cooled 350 cc and 500 cc engines, as already found in the Classic, the Thunderbird and so many other models over the years. And, they claim the machine will be called the Trials, or something like that. Stay tuned—we’ll know whether or not they’re right by the end of the month!

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