During a crisis, especially a global-scale, unprecedented crisis like the current COVID-19 chaos, people tend to reflect on their values and priorities. Mindless shopping and Caribbean cruises suddenly start to appear absurd, whereas relationships, connection, and community seem to hit the top priorities right now. What about adventure riding? Is there a better way to travel? If so, what could that be?

Shifting Focus

The moment international borders fling open again, will we be more cautious about setting off to ride the world again? Or, on the contrary, there will be even more people getting on their bikes and riding off into the sunset? According to some motorcycle tour organizers, our focus may shift more towards self-guided, low-key trips, we may begin to explore our local areas and countries more, and ride in smaller groups. On the other hand, cabin fever is already affecting us all; perhaps it’ll be the other way round – the minute we can cross borders again, we’ll be out exploring the far corners of the Earth.

Going Green

If the pandemic is teaching us anything, it’s that we’re a very fragile and vulnerable species and we need to pay closer attention to our environment and nature. We’ve seen how dangerous a new virus can be, and at the same time, we’ve seen how quickly nature recovers – examples of this abound around the globe, from cleaner air above China’s busiest industrial cities to dolphins returning to the canals of Venice as the water pollution subsides. Once the COVID-19 crisis is over, will we be trying to go green and protect our planet better? If so, might that result in an explosion in the electric vehicle market, including electric motorcycles?

Strengthening the Community

If there are any positives about the pandemic, it’s people’s ability to mobilize and be there for each other. Local riders taking stranded travellers in, offering free accommodation, and generally offering support is an excellent example how communities can come together in time of need. Will we see more of this, even once we go back to “normal”, whatever normal we manage to find?


Do you think there is a better way to travel, and that we might change the way we ride after this is all over?Let me know in the comments below.

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