With the Isle of Man TT race canceled for 2021, you may be thinking that “real road racing” in the UK is dead for another year.  But there’s news that this isn’t necessarily so.

You may have heard of the Isle of Wight TT – The Diamond Races.  The inaugural race would be held sometime in October 2021.  However, shortly after the race announcement, it was also announced that this race had also been canceled due to COVID.

End of road racing for 2021?

Many thought that announcement meant the end of the real road racing at the Isle of Wight in 2021.  But apparently, that’s not the case.  According to On The Wight, another race event is in the works, albeit a bit on the down-low.

The Isle of Wight Road Races (IWRR) may replace the Diamond Races with an event held from 20th-24th October 2021.  Although the exact plans are somewhat unclear, more information has come to light through the digging of On The Wight.

The IWRR will not be a time trial (TT) event.  In TT events, racers start individually and attempt to tour the circuit in the least amount of time.  On The Wight says that those who have been briefed on the IWRR say that the event will be a real road race if a circuit passes inspection.   If approved, 10 – 15 competitors will start at the same time.

While the circuit design is still subject to inspection, On The Wight has come up with a potential 8.27-mile route that starts and ends in the village of Tapnell Farm.

Event sanctioning

If the race earns approval, ACU Events (the commercial arm of the UK’s Auto Cycle Union – the governing body for motorcycle sport in Great Britain) will sanction the race.  Organizing the event are Josie and Rob da Bank.  They have organized the successful three-day Bestival music festival since 2004.

And meeting minutes from the Shorwell Parish Council show that the council is considering the IWRR, but first want to ensure the highest levels of safety.

Isle of Wight IWRR

An excerpt of meeting minutes from the Shorwell Parish Council on the Island of Wight.

Ultimately, it looks like the Isle of Wight Road Race has a good chance of being held in 2021.


Image credit: On The Wight




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