In the absence of the usual motorcycle show season, the manufacturers are taking to the Interwebz to tell us about new motorcycles coming out this fall. Kawasaki’s joined in on the web-based marketing spree, teasing several new 2021 models, including what appears to be a new adventure bike or adventure bikes.

It’s all a bit confusing, because Kawasaki initially showed a video with six hidden bikes (more on that in a minute), and a November 23 release date. Now, another video also promises an October 12 release date for some models.

Whenever Kawi decides to finally unveil the bikes, it seems from the video above that we’re going to see at least six new models. What will they be? Note that there’s track footage in the promo wheel, and one of the hidden bikes certainly appears to have sporting intentions. Probably, this will be a new ZX-10R, as Kawasaki never announced Bold New Graphics or other changes for the model yet, and most of the rest of its sporty street machines have already been confirmed as basically unchanged for 2021.

It’s very interesting to note that several of the other machines, maybe all of them, have spoked wheels. This could mean a few things; Kawasaki could be introducing some new dirt bikes or dual sports, or even something along the lines of the W800 series. However, at least some of that promo clip sure hints at an adventure bike. Does that mean we’re getting a new KLR650? Don’t bet on it, but maybe we’ll finally see the Versys 400 that Kawasaki should have made years ago.


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