An electric Ducati 860 GT?  Not likely any time soon.  Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali has gone on record that Ducati has no immediate plans for an electric motorcycle.  In the future, perhaps, but according to the Ducati boss man, battery technology is not yet ready to power a Ducati motorcycle.

But that didn’t stop Italian design firm Italdesign from taking a crack at what an electric Ducati motorcycle might look like.  And from its initial reception, the concept machine seems like it could potentially live up to Ducati’s styling ethos.

The design studio has posted a video showcasing what it thinks an electrically powered Ducati motorcycle could look like.  And from my perspective, they’ve done a pretty good job of capturing Ducati’s styling.

Ducati 860 GT

A 1970s era Ducati 860 GT is the basis of Italdesign’s electric Ducati concept bike.

The bike looks something like a naked or perhaps scrambler model.  The Italdesign concept takes its silhouette from Ducati’s 860 GT sports bike of the 1970s.  Whether they’ve accomplished that is a matter of styling taste.  But their concept bike is undoubtedly swoopy-looking.

Elements of the bike do imitate the original Ducati 860 GT, including a round headlight, upside-down forks, and rather flat standard handlebars.  But from there on, this machine appears to be a very modern incarnation of today’s bikes.

Some more modern points are the bike’s single-sided swingarm, belt drive, and LED lighting. The machine’s headlight, taillight, and sequential turn signals lend an air of “today” to its styling.

So what do you think?  Did Italdesign capture what Ducati might come up with when it enters the electric motorcycle arena?  And more importantly, for both Italdesign and Ducati, would you be interested in a machine like this?  Let us know in the comments below.

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