We’ve written many articles about helmets in the past.  They can be a contentious topic at times.   Of course, governments around the world would like riders to wear a helmet while riding.

Some use punitive means such as “Click It Or Ticket” type campaigns to get their point across.  However, others take a more positive approach to the topic of helmet use.  And the Danish government seems to be one of those that are going the positive route.

The Danish Road Safety Council hired creative communications agency &Co to help get its message about helmet usage across.  And they came up with a brief video that uses humor to get people to think about wearing a helmet.

The scene is set in a rural Danish village in the year 893.  The leader of the village, Svend and his small band of Vikings are about to take to the seas.

But before he is able to get under way, he’s reminded that he’s forgotten a piece of equipment.  One of his trusted warriors, his son, and his wife all chip in with reminders that he’s missing the important piece of gear.

Svend protests their reminders, telling them that he doesn’t need the equipment for various reasons.  But in the end, listens to them rides off with it.

Regardless of whether you choose to wear a helmet, this video is able to drive the Danish Road Safety Council’s point home.  And they do it without having to resort to tell you what you already know.

If you choose to watch the video, watch it to the end.  There’s a bit of a surprise ending.

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