Forget the big-bore machines from Europe and Japan—one of the most-hyped adventure motorcycles this season is the Honda CT125. First it was teased on the 2019 fall show circuit, then it was unveiled in production form this spring. Now, we’ve got video of it in action.

The clip here comes from Honda’s subsidiary in Thailand. The video’s description, when you run it through Google Translate, has lots of talk about searching for a new destination, going where nobody can reach, deviating from the route, and opening the door to a new world. Clearly, this isn’t a farm bike, aimed at utilitarian transport; it’s a machine designed to take people with disposable income and let them explore the countryside.

The Honda CT125 may be a new-for-2020 model, but it’s based on a very old concept. Honda’s original CT line was strongest through the 1970s and 1980s, mixing the convenience of a step-through scooter with the rugged practicality of a dirt bike. It catered to an audience that didn’t necessarily need speed, or even want it. They just wanted to travel on bad roads, and be able to haul a load with them. Even after the bikes disappeared from the European and North American markets, they soldiered on in Africa and Australia, serving as the iconic “postie bike” Down Under for many years.

The new CT125 is built along the same lines as the CT90 and CT110, but with ABS and fuel injection, and the air-cooled 125 cc engine from the Honda Grom minibike. It will hit the market in Asia first, but expect it to be a global release.


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