The made-in-India Jawa 300CL is headed to the European market, and now we know the bike’s specifications.

Thanks to the millions of moto-publications in India, all basically reporting the same leaks, we know the Jawa 300CL is going to make less horsepower in its Euro version. For some reason (probably due to emissions standards), the Euro version of the Jawa will make about 22 horsepower, while the Indian version makes 27 horsepower. That’s not terribly impressive for a liquid-cooled parallel twin in the 300 class, and torque supposedly drops from 20ish pound-feet for the Indian bike, to 18ish pound-feet for the Euro bike. Claimed curb weight is 172 kilograms, which converts to 380 pounds.

Of course, this machine isn’t made to sell on its high speed cred, and it certainly looks the part of a retro roadster, at least. Unlike the Jawas of old, with their smelly two-stroke engines and iffy Cold-War construction, this new machine is made by Mahindra, who certainly know a thing or two about modern construction techniques.

The 300CL benefits from modern safety features, too. It’s supposedly coming to Europe with single-channel ABS, though, and the Indian version has dual-channel ABS. The Euro bike supposedly has a rear drum brake, which explains that move, but why? The Indian bike has a disc in back.

This is all kind of weird, and it makes you wonder if Mahindra is down-speccing the Jawa to either keep costs down, or to meet some future regulatory hassle.

Pricing is 1,49,850 Czech Koruna, or about 5,500 Euros. That works out to roughly $6,400 USD, if you convert those currencies and take the average. For the sake of reference, you can buy a very nice leftover or lightly-used Suzuki TU250X for about half that, with very similar performance.

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