As we told you earlier, a move is afoot to resurrect the Yezdi motorcycle brand.  And bringing back a discontinued and somewhat forgotten brand is no small task.  So now, Yezdi’s parent company Classic Legends, is attempting to create some buzz.  And they are doing it in a somewhat novel way.

Yezdi Jawa Classic Legends

Yezdi motorcycles.

Classic Legends has already successfully brought back Jawa.  After some initial problems, the brand now seems to be standing on its own two wheels.  So how will Classic Legends go about creating Yezdi’s buzz?  Well, there’s apparently nothing like a bit of sibling rivalry.

It’s in this light that Classic Legend’s Jawa brand is dissing its corporate sibling and is “disowning” Yezdi.  In a Twitter tweet, Jawa says:

“We have disowned our own – the original bad boy.  Head over to the infamous @yezdiforever to check out the notorious #YezdiForever.”

It’s an interesting tactic to raise awareness of both brands’ machines.  Not to be outdone, Yezdi tweets, “Look who’s back?”

Yezdi history

If you are not familiar with the Yezdi brand, it has its origins in the current Czech Republic.  According to Jawa’s website:

Jawa was a Czech brand, brought to India by Farrokh K Irani and Rustom S Irani. Yezdi was an Indianisation of the Jawa brand, built to greater standards of ruggedness. The sporty nature of these motorcycles and their nimble handling created a cult following; they were cool, quick and easy to maintain. In Jawa: The Forever Bike—A Definitive History of Ideal Jawa and Yezdi, Adil Jal Darukhanawala—journalist, author and a motorcycling genius—describes not only how these Czech machines came to India, but also how they became Everyman’s dream bike and how the brand got resurrected.

Likely the best known Yezdi model is the Roadking.  It was available between 1978 and 1996 before the brand eventually faded from production.

Unfortunately, there’s not much out there about what the new machines may look like or how much they will cost.  But it’s clear that Classic Legends is already trying to generate some interest in the soon to be revived bike brand.

Brand future

Yezdi will likely stay within Asia for the immediate future.  But Classic Legends owner Mahindra is on the record as saying it would like to grow its production reach globally. So we’ll have to wait and see how the new brand does upon its rollout.  Until then, it looks like the Jawa – Yezdi rivalry will continue.



Image credit:  Jawa

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