The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 is an old-school, no-frills motorcycle. From the factory, there’s no windscreen, no crash bars, no luggage. It’s all very practical for buzzing about town, or fun excursions into the countryside, but what if you want to push on further, and go touring?

Kappa can help. The Euro gearmaker has turned its sights on the made-in-India retro motorcycle, announcing several useful accessories.

First up, there’s a new back rack, made from tubular metal for a classic look. However, unlike those clunky, oversized monstrosities that everyone bolted to the back of their UJM in the 1980s, this rack is a bit more trim. And, it’s intended to work with Monolock top cases; the Monolock-quick release plate mounts directly to the rack, although you can obviously strap a small bag or tackle box or jerry can instead, if you want.

The side racks are also designed for quick-detach cases. Monokey hard case mounting plates will fit directly on the Kappa racks, giving you panniers with quick-detach capability. Kappa says the racks are not designed for other saddlebags or panniers, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to use them with soft saddlebags.

Kappa also has a range of universal windshields that will fit the Interceptor 650, and a universal tank bag.

All those add-ons will make touring easier, but Kappa’s also selling an old-school engine crash bar, just like you’d see on a classic UJM, protecting the cases in a tip-over. You should be able to mount other accessories to this 25mm steel crash bar, but it might look dumb. See photos and more details at Kappa’s website. There’s no word yet on North American pricing.

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