The old saying that crime does not pay is not nearly as evident as we would like to believe.  Headlines are at times filled with the bad guys getting away with cash or someone else’s property.  But at times, karma intervenes and the bad guys get what they really deserve.

Apparently, some thieves’ bravado is much larger than their brain.  It’s amazing what some people will try to make a dishonest buck.   Here are some videos where karma intervenes and ruins a thug’s day or night.

First, it’s night and you want to steal some stuff off a truck.  Two moto thugs do their best to get their very own Darwin awards.

The “driver” of the bike scores only a 2.5 overall.  But his passenger gets a 9.5 for a well-executed dismount.

Second is a video of a couple of Malaysian scooter thieves that think they’ve found an easy mark.  Their “victim” has other ideas though and they soon learn that their victim is able to serve out a heaping helping of karma.

Last, a woman serves some karma to a purse snatcher.

Apparently, sometimes crime really doesn’t pay.

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