Light is right!

Small bikes for dual-sport adventures are a great idea, a day, a week, a month, RTW…they will do it all.

Of course, this is not the bike for all of us, but for a new rider or someone who wants to downsize or just getting into riding in the dirt, this might be your next purchase.

Kawasaki had their KLX250 and their KLX230 sitting side by side to almost make you ask the question…which one would I pick?

The obvious is a difference in the front suspension, the 250 has upside-down forks and a lot better quality.

250 is liquid-cooled vs air cooled for the 230

The 250 has more travel and ground clearance, DOHC vs single. There is slightly more weight and power on the 250 which is a given.

All in all the 250 has a much better quality feel, fit and finish a real step up.

The 250 priced around $1000 more than the 230 and looks like its worth the extra.

If I were in the market the 250 is the one I’d buy, I’d skip the camo look, and use that money towards a larger gas tank and maybe a stiffer rear spring then point it towards the nearest border via a dirt road and go

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