Curious about Kawasaki’s electric motorcycle project? We’ve got a couple of new teasers for the bike on YouTube, but sadly, they don’t give much away.

Just to catch up, Kawasaki’s battery bike is one of the most-interesting but least-talked-about items in the moto world these days. Kawasaki started dropping hints about the machine during the 2019 fall motorcycle show circuit. Then, we started getting periodic video updates via YouTube.

One of the more recent updates showed Kawasaki’s electric motorcycle has a reverse gear, which is sort of interesting, but hardly something that sportbike fans have been clamouring for for years. A few weeks earlier, Kawasaki told us the machine will have a manual gearbox, which will set it apart from most battery bikes and endear itself to conservative-minded riders—but it’s also not really an advanced feature, either. Kawasaki’s also shown the bike has a regenerative braking system, and options for slower charging or fast-charging with appropriate infrastructure.

None of this stuff is ground-breaking, although some of it departs from established norms in the electric motorcycle world. However, Kawasaki is playing its cards pretty close here, and we’ll likely see some far more interesting information when the machine finally debuts, whenever that may be. Given the world’s current socioeconomic state, it’s hard to imagine any manufacturer getting excited about unveiling a new halo bike. Still, the Kawasaki electric motorcycle would be the first full-power battery bike from Japan, and that’s certainly going to grab some attention whenever the project is finished.

To see Kawasaki’s entire list of videos for its new electric motorcycle, click here.

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