Kawasaki will reveal five new motorcycles on November 23, 2020.  That coming from a teaser video on the Kawasaki website.  However, an earlier video on its website shows six bikes were to be revealed as you can see in the featured photo of this article.

Multiple reveals

And now, the Japanese company says an additional five new “vehicle” reveals will occur on January 26th, 2021.  Based upon a picture on Kawasaki’s website, it appears that three of the vehicles to be launched in January will be side by side vehicles.  That leaves two other motorcycles.

Kawasaki January launch

In addition to the November launches, 5 new Kawasaki vehicles will be launched in January 2021.

The beginning of the original video for the November reveal showed 6 motorcycles under covers.  Only the wheels of each bike can be seen.  But, it’s clear that three of the six will come with spoked wheels, raising the hopes of many adventure riders that at least one of the bikes will have an off-road bias.

Video highlights

During the video, the bikes are shown in individual spotlights, followed by a very short video tidbit of the bike’s intended environment.  The first machine to the far left appears to be a smaller, lighter bike equipped with knobby tires and spoked wheels.  The video then quickly shows the bottom part of the bike exiting the pavement and heading into the woods.  A lightweight dual sport?

The second bike (2nd from the left) to be shown also has spoked wheels, but the tires look quite road-biased.  When this bike’s video tidbit is shown, a racetrack environment is seen.  Supermoto perhaps?

The next bikes to be shown are the two furthest to the right spotlighted together.  They look to be middleweight and heavyweight bikes.  Both have cast wheels and street tires.  They too are shown in a racetrack environment.  Two updated sportbikes, perhaps?

Next,  the spotlight moves to the bike third from the right.  It looks to be a heavyweight machine with cast wheels.  Its video preview once again shows a racetrack environment.  Maybe an H2 variant?

A new KLR?

But finally, the spotlight moves to the bike in the center of the lineup.  It looks to be a middle to heavyweight machine with spoked wheels and somewhat knobby tires.  Its video preview shows the bike exiting a trail at high speed and entering onto the pavement and then again in an off-road environment. It seems to be showing that the bike will cover off-road terrain at speed, pavement, and traverse more significant off-road sections.  Ultimately, it draws a pretty good picture of an adventure travel machine.

To see more, we stopped the video as the bike exits the dirt onto the pavement and can see the shadow of a spoked wheel and a high front fender and, perhaps a somewhat high windshield. Could this be a KLR replacement?  Interesting…  It’s even more so given that it’s this bike that has disappeared from Kawasaki’s current video and the bikes in that lineup.

Kawasaki KLR

Is this shadow of the Kawasaki KLR replacement? Image credit: Kawasaki

We don’t get any hints about the bikes to be released in January.  They are shown under covers, and we can’t even see the wheels, so no clue there.  Perhaps the new model that we saw earlier will be unveiled in the January unveiling?

We’ll keep you updated when Kawasaki reveals more.

Note:  Since the writing of this article, Kawasaki’s website shows a different video than the one we found earlier and have posted here.  The new video shows only 5 bikes and leaves out the bike that seems the most “adventure” oriented.  Why Kawasaki has changed the video is unclear.

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