Kawasaki just introduced the new KX250XC and KX450XC cross-country machines for 2021, updated the KX250 and KX450 motocrossers, and announced the rest of its offroad line. Team Green has been busy!

Let’s start with the new XC machines. These motorcycles are based on the KX250 and KX450 MX bikes, but have been re-tuned and overhauled for usage in the real world, not a motocross track. The suspension is changed, to match the different conditions, and both the 250 and 450 get new 18-inch rear wheels. The new XC machines run Dunlop AT81 tires. Both machines get a kickstand and skidplate, larger rear sprocket, and some changes to the brakes.

Otherwise, these machines are similar to the KX250 and KX450 motocrossers. The frame is basically the same, and swingarm, bodywork and all the other bits. Kawasaki slightly re-tuned the engines for cross-country riding, but it’s still the same basic package.

Speaking of those engines: The motocross KX250 and KX450 models both have updated powerplants this year, which they share with that XC line. The 250 gets new cams, con rod and other top end bits, and electric start. Both the 250 and 450 versions get get a new coned disk-spring hydraulic clutch, and there are some other features lifted from Kawi’s World Superbike team engine designs. All very trick, and Kawasaki seems to think power is up for the 2021 models.

The KX250 also gets a new chassis, with the same aluminum perimeter frame and swingarm as the 450 model. Both bikes have a new Renthal Fatbar for 2021.

The rest of Kawi’s offroad lineup won’t look much different from the 2020 models. The KLX230 dual sport returns (no mention of the KLX250 yet? … Hrm.). The KLX300 is also back, and the KLX110 and KLX140 models. For full specs and pricing on the lineup, get over to Kawasaki.com for the rest of the deets.

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