The newly-formed Kawasaki Motors is making a birthday splash. They’re announcing new bikes, or new editions of existing bikes. They’ve also sort of discreetly and quietly introduced a spanky new logo.

Riders in the United States are quick to lament models that never become available in the country. It’s a comparatively tiny market share, though. So when the major manufacturer announced expanded production in North America, that was definitely cause for at least a little celebration.

Which Ones?

The company recently released a few new and redesigned bikes but that are-they-coming-to-the-US question lingered, until now! Kawasaki announced the biggies in an email. Among them, the middleweight retro Z650RS, the Z900 SE and the “Yellow Ball” Z900 RS SE, all in USD ($8,999, $10,699 and $13,449 respectively). Also new for 2022 are the offroad KX 450SR and two new versions of the redesigned KLR, the Adventure and the Traveler.

This is a big win for US riders. The new bikes are very popular globally, but riders everywhere are also (finally!) starting to trend younger. Kawasaki is banking on the appeal of these models to the new, young demographic. Smaller, lighter, less expensive bikes for the win.

What New Logo?

If you don’t follow Kawasaki on social media, you might be surprised about the new logo. They didn’t host a party or deliver the news with much fanfare. You’ll notice, though, the new Kawasaki Motors new logo now appears on all communications and official sites.

You’ll recognize that logo if you’ve taken a close look at any H2. It’s called the “River Mark,” and represents a stylized version of the Japanese kanji “kawa” which means “river.”

From Kawasaki: “It first appeared in the 1870s, where it was used on the flags flown by the ships owned by the Kawasaki Tsukiji Shipyard, the predecessor of Kawasaki Heavy Industries…. The River Mark is a symbol of Kawasaki’s ongoing desire to push further forward, to reach even higher, continually striving to attain and surpass the limit.”

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