According to India’s Hindustan Times, Kawasaki is filing for a new motorcycle model name.  That name is “E-Boost,” which they say is likely to be used for one of its upcoming electric bikes.  But will it be just like most of the electric motorcycles now in the marketplace?

We already know that Kawasaki has patents for battery-powered motorcycles.  But the Indian outlet says that Team Green’s electric bike may be closer to becoming a production model than originally thought.  And it could be quite different from the current crop of electric bikes.

E-Boost hybrid motorcycle lineup?

They say that the E-Boost name may also cover a whole new motorcycle lineup.  Potentially, a new hybrid motorcycle lineup.  And a hybrid E-Boost button may be just the thing to give the new machines both the horsepower and torque of electric motorcycles and the range and quick “recharging” of conventional internal combustion engines.


A screengrab from Kawasaki’s hybrid teaser video. Image credit: Kawasaki

Dual powerplants

In a teaser video, Kawasaki shows the thought process behind its hybrid machine concept.  Cycle World says that the bike may be based on the Ninja 400 / Z400 platform.  But whatever the platform, Kawasaki envisions that their hybrid bike has several advantages.

Differing capabilities

A rider could use the bike’s combustion engine for stretches of highway where battery usage is high, and regeneration opportunities are lower.   Once in a city where battery regeneration opportunities are higher, the rider could change to solely electric power.

As major cities adopt stricter emission regulations, including only electric vehicle zones, the ability to switch to purely electric power is a significant advantage.  Once out of the city, the rider could then return to internal combustion.

Or, as Kawasaki shows in its video, the rider could use both the internal combustion engine and the electric motor together for some sporty riding.  And perhaps this is where Kawi’s E-Boost button comes in.  Push a button on the bike, and now you have two power sources to propel you through those twisties.

Not far off?

The idea of having two power sources is quite enticing.  It will be interesting to see whether Kawasaki can bring hybrid technology within current gas-powered motorcycle specs and performance.

In any event, both the Hindustan times and Cycle World say that a Kawasaki hybrid bike should appear sometime in 2021.  Whether it will be a pure concept machine or a prototype nearing production remains to be seen.

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