Kawasaki has released its second teaser for its upcoming Z supercharged bike.  This time we get to see a bit more.

It’s only an 18-second video, but we do get to see parts of the bike.  We get a brief look at the bike’s front end.  Twin headlights are angular and are supposed to carry the Kawasaki Sugomi aesthetic.  If you don’t know what the Sugomi aesthetic represents, that makes two of us.  Apparently, it means the embodiment or spirit of a predator on the hunt and ready to strike its prey.  Umm, ok.

Then there is a very brief peek at the bikes full-color TFT display panel which shows icons for anti-lock brake systems,  Kawasaki’s traction control, and cruise control among others.

The video then switches to the engine case of the new machine with the word supercharged.  Well, we knew that one before but now it’s confirmed.  Then we see some sort of intake grill and a glimpse of the frame.

The bike then rotates covered by a green “Z” icon.  During this time we get a very foggy view of the rear of the bike and its angular rear section.

For the “piece de resistance” we get to see the bikes unveiling date of October 23, 2019.  So for those of us who are interested in this new Kawasaki, we now have a date.

Kawasaki has done a good job with its line of angular looking bikes that stand out from most of the other offerings from Japan.  With their newest Z bike, they appear to have continued this trend.

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