Kawasaki is confirming its return to the EICMA show in 2021.  In a press release, Team Green says that its newly formed company, Kawasaki Motors, Ltd., will concentrate its energies exclusively on motorcycles, off-road four-wheeled vehicles, JetSki personal watercraft, and general-purpose engines.

Revised mission

Interestingly, Kawasaki’s announcement says that among its stated missions:

“…the company will strive towards carbon neutrality combining all the knowledge and heritage accrued over decades of production matched to a desire to meet upcoming challenges with new forms of motive power.

Kawasaki EICMA

The new Kawasaki Z650RS will make an appearance at EICMA 2021.

It’s clear that they are committing to “greener” (pun intended) methods of transportation.  And they make a rather dramatic statement in this regard:

“Following the announcement of a new production facility in Mexico and an expanding workforce, Kawasaki will use EICMA to explain that it is characteristically optimistic about the future.  Now fully adopting the River Mark as a global corporate identity logo, the ambitious goal of Kawasaki Motors, Ltd. is to introduce ten EV or Hybrid motorcycles by 2025. Plans are also in progress to develop five new advanced fuel off-road four-wheeled vehicles within the same time frame.”

Ten new EV or hybrid motorcycles by 2025?  That’s a serious commitment.

EICMA appearance

But getting back to what motorcycles you can expect to see at EICMA, the Japanese manufacturer said:

“In terms of motorcycle product for the coming season, the Kawasaki show stand will display an impressive array of current models in the new year color ways and an exciting combination of already unveiled new 2022 models plus – as the media and fans have come to expect – more than one important global public premiere.

Already announced 2022 models on the Kawasaki EICMA booth will include the company’s latest Retro Sport model, the mid-weight Z650RS, in its three vibrant color ways. Making that part of the stand a complete “Zed Fest”, the company will also display the new Z900SE and Z900RS SE “Yellow Ball” plus the ever-popular Z900 in a new white colorway.”

Kawasaki EICMA

The new Kawasaki Motors, Ltd.’s President, Mr. Hiroshi Ito.

New President

Chiming in about EICMA, Kawasaki Motors Ltd. President, Mr. Ito, said:

“Kawasaki fans have been waiting patiently to physically experience new models at the EICMA show for long enough. Now the wait is over our mission is to reward their patience with innovative, category leading machines that deliver on our promise to Let the Good Times Roll, a phrase that embodies the pure joy that comes from riding Kawasaki’s fun-to-ride motorcycles.”

Kawasaki is looking towards the not too distant future.   For them to commit to ten new electric/hybrid motorcycles by 2025 is a lofty goal.  It will be exciting to see what they can come up with in such a short timeframe.  To make such a commitment, one can assume that they must be reasonably far along in their machine’s designs.  With news like this, EICMA is looking like it may be pretty interesting this year.  Stay tuned for more information as it emerges.

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