Kawasaki Heavy Industries has announced that it will become the first Japanese motorcycle manufacturer to adopt and implement Bosch’s Advanced Rider Assistance System.

The Bosch suite of safety and rider aids consists of adaptive cruise control (ACC), forward collision warning, and blind-spot detection.  Bosch says that its electronic system forms a comprehensive suite of motorcycle safety functions.  In fact, the features are the same that are presently used on automobiles.

Key to the system is Bosch’s radar sensor, brake system, engine management system and human-machine interface (HMI).  Bosch says each of these systems works together to boost safety and comfort for motorcycle riders.

Bosch’s research found that ADAS can prevent one in seven motorcycle accidents.  ADAS constantly monitors the motorcycle’s environment and responds to potentially dangerous situations faster than humans can react.

How the systems work

Bosch says that the ADAS systems use a pair of mid-range radar sensors located at the front and at the back of the motorcycle.  The sensors provide a constant and near-instantaneous reading of the situation.

Kawasaki Bosch

This image illustrates the Bosch Advanced Rider Assistance System components.  Image credit: Kawasaki

The adaptive cruise control (ACC) monitors the distance of the vehicles located in front of the motorcycle.  With the cruise control engaged, the system maintains a safe distance between the motorcycle and the vehicle in front.

The forward-collision warning (FCW) system detects when another vehicle is too close to another vehicle and the rider does not react to the dangerous situation.  An optical or acoustic signal alerts the rider of the impending danger.

The blind-spot detection system monitors the motorcycle’s environment to assist the rider in changing lanes safely.  The system detects when a vehicle may be in a rider’s blind spot and are typically difficult to see.  Should a hazardous situation occur, an optical signal is relayed to the rider warning of the other vehicle’s presence.

At this time, Kawasaki has gone on record that the Bosch system will be used on one of their motorcycles.  However, they did not provide a distinct date or identify the model(s) that will receive the Bosch system.


Featured image credit: Bosch

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