Kawasaki’s offroad lineup is here for 2022, with one new competition model, and other updates to the line.

The new machine is the KX112, with the two-stroke single-cylinder punched out to 112 cc capacity (previously, Kawasaki had the KX100 in this slot, with 99 cc engine).

The KX112 also has a new six–speed gearbox, for a wider range, and new rad shrouds that are supposed to enhance cooling while also giving the bike a “factory ride” look. There’s a new set of Dunlop MX33 tires as well.

Otherwise, much of the formula is familiar: steel perimeter frame, 19-inch front wheel and 16-inch rear (remember, this is a transitional model, for riders working their way from minibikes to a full-sized machine). The handlebar is six-way adjustable, and the 36 mm USD forks are adjustable.

Kawasaki prices the KX112 at $4,999 in the US, or $5,849 in Canada.

As for the rest of the lineup, there are only minor changes. Kawasaki drops a six-speed gearbox into the KX85 as well, giving younger MXers a superior transmission($4,499 in the US, $5,249 in Canada). There’s also a lowered version of the KLX230R (the offroad-only model, not the dual sport). The KLX230R S is $4,499 in the US, $5,099 in Canada.

If you’re looking for longer-legged versions of Kawasaki’s offroaders, the KLX110L and KLX140L return for 2022, basically as taller versions of those beginner-friendly bikes. The KLX300R also returns. No doubt some riders were hoping for some other big reveal, but In A World Of COVID, this is probably the most that anyone could reasonably expect. For full details and pricing, visit Kawasaki’s website (US version here, hoser-friendly version here).

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