I’ve been living in my Klim Krios helmet for several years now. However, after I flew over the bars and landed on my head during a short hard enduro stint in Transylvania, I needed a new lid. As luck would have it, the new Klim Krios Pro helmet had just come out, so it was a no brainer: if the old Klim Krios worked, I figured the improved version would be an ideal fit.

klim krios pro

Klim Krios Pro vs The Andes and the Amazon

Since getting my new Klim Krios Pro, I’ve ridden around Ecuador for several weeks. Crossing the Andes and riding the Amazon, then traveling westward over the mountains again, I’ve ridden through varying altitude, climate, and temperature. From the cold high passes of the Andes down to the muggy, hot temperatures of the rainforest, the Klim Krios Pro offered plenty of comfort both on and off the road. The inner lining is easy to remove and wash, and the ventilation works great in a hot climate. Chin and forehead vents are fully adjustable.

klim krios


The Weight Factor

As with the older Krios version, the Krios Pro is amazingly light. I typically spend 8+ hours on the bike daily, and having a light helmet means I don’t get headaches or neck aches. The Krios Pro weighs just under 1300 grams and for me, this is one of the best features of the helmet.


The Klim Krios has a photochromic visor, which means it darkens slightly when the sunlight is bright and changes back to clear when it gets darker. Although I normally wear goggles, this is a cool feature for riders who prefer to ride with the visor down. No more need for sunglasses or a double visor!


The Klim Krios Pro has an integrated Koroyd technology which lessens the severity of an impact to the head by dispersing the impact forces. The tiny Koroyd tubes buckle upon impact, absorbing the force and protecting your head better. The Koroyd technology also allows for better air flow.

For me, the Klim Krios Pro is easily the most comfortable, versatile, and lightweight helmet I’ve ever worn.


Quick specs Klim Krios Pro:

  • Visor has  a photochromic transition lens (lens darkens when the sun is intense and clears when it’s dark)
  • improved air flow
  • carbon fiber
  • Koroyd technology
  • magnet lock strap system
  • goggle compatible
  • Sena compatible
  • moisture-wicking, antibacterial liner
  • Retails for $ 699.99 at Revzilla

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