Stuck at home because of the coronavirus pandemic? Some places are wide-open (hello Florida, hello Texas!) and others are still basically locked down (hello, Ontario!). But, even if you’re sticking close to base, you can still kinda-sorta travel, thanks to Klim’s new video series.

In the new Destination Colombia series, we get a ground-up look at the South American country, thanks to a couple of Klim’s crew who shoot this travelogue themselves, with no support vehicles backing them up.

“Two members of the KLIM team grabbed some cameras, got Covid tests and hopped on a plane to Colombia where they’d spend the next few weeks traveling around the country by motorcycle. With no camera crew or support crew, their goal was to produce a series of motorcycle travel episodes, sharing their journey riding around one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet.”

They ended up with 1.2 TB of footage, with 3,500 video files. Sounds like a lot of work ahead, digging through the clips, splicing them together and editing. Such, such are the joys of life as a moto-videographer.

Klim says the footage will be released in segments that cover the various stages of their journey, so the 24-minute episode below is just the start.

In this episode, we follow Tolga and Lukas as they cover big pavement miles to head south as quick as possible – but things don’t go as planned, as is tradition,” says Klim’s presser. “This part of the trip starts in Medellin and ends near Pasto, in the south of Colombia, where they get ready for more interesting routes in the coming days.”

‘Course, ADVrider’s inmates have their own insights into Colombia—see Egle’s write-ups on the country here and here.


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