KLIM’s working on new gear for 2021, with announcement of updates to its premium touring suit. The Kodiak riding jacket and pants are getting an overhaul; we don’t know all the details yet, but we do have photos of the updated kit.

KLIM says its updated Kodiak line has across-the-board upgrades, including a new cold-weather layer. The jacket and pants should have a wider range of motion now, thanks to a new pattern, enabling more mobility on and off the bike. KLIM also says the Kodiak gear has increased airflow and better venting, and “comprehensive weather protection,” with a removable storm collar and that previously-mentioned down jacket layer for cold weather riding.

The Kodiak line includes this down liner, for cold-weather layering. Photo: KLIM

The press release says KLIM used Gore-Tex, D30 armour, and “premium leather overlays.” Presumably, that means leather reinforcements in impact zones, to increase road rash resistance in a crash, which the current Kodiak gear has. KLIM’s presser also mentions 3M Scotchlite reflective material and YKK zippers, along with 90/10 goose down.

Top-shelf stuff for all-weather touring, says KLIM. We don’t get many details, though. Photo: KLIM

That’s all the info we get for now, though, along with a promise that this is “a complete long-distance, multi-season touring suit, engineered down to the finest detail for a perfect riding experience.” Expect top-shelf waterproofing, lots of pockets and hidden compartments and plenty of adjustability. Currently, the Kodiak jacket sells for around $1,000 US, and the pants cost around $750. No doubt that price will go up for 2021, but we won’t know for sure until KLIM entrusts us with the rest of the details on this gear. Keep an eye on KLIM’s social media for further releases.

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