KLR Gen 1 Owners…This Is For You

There are more than a few KLR owners on ADVrider so hopefully, some of you may find this interesting?

When was the last time something new and exciting came out for the KLR Gen 1 models, I don’t own a KLR so not sure…every week? I doubt it!

This company Waypoint Adventure Products are bucking that trend and as they describe themselves and the company –

‘Inspired by rally, built for adventure’

There is no affiliation with ADVrider here, just showing KLR riders what looks like a cool interesting product.

I spoke with them briefly and they explained they used the KLR Gen 1 as the base as it was the bike they owned.

If the Gen 1 version is a success then they plan to start work on the Gen 2 version.

The original version started with a rendering, and plans for a skid plate too, this was it…

which developed slowly into a real-life mock-up version

Prototype and rendering side by side

Looks like things are moving on at a good pace and it is coming out like they thought, which is great.

They say they have it tested up to 100kph+

if you want to contact them, about timing, availability, what its made from or price then drop them an email – [email protected]

They are based North of Toronto Canada and  do not have a website but regular updates are popping up on their Instagram page.

A little closer look at the fairing off the bike

I wish them well with the development and future sales, it’s always good seeing new companies bringing unique items to the market, especially the ADV market.

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