There have been plenty of spy shots of people riding around on a camouflaged and sometimes mud splattered bug eyed single cylinder motorcycle. As a result, there was much speculation surrounding whether the bike in those shots was the prototype of the KTM 390 Adventure. If it was, many hoped that it would join its larger siblings on the platform at the 2018 EICMA.

Although the 790 Adventure did arrive, the KTM 390 Adventure was nowhere to be seen.  So what’s happened to the KTM 390 Adventure? Will it ever make it to production?

Well according to Indian motorcycle website “Overdrive,” the 390 Adventure will make it into production in 2019. Overdrive says that it spoke with Hubert Trunkenpolz (yes, the “T” in KTM and KTM’s Chief Sales Officer) who said; “The 390 Adventure project is ongoing. It will definitely be at EICMA 2019.” That’s a pretty strong and straight forward quote from one of KTM’s high ranking executives. Sounds good so far.

Overdrive also says that they also followed up with KTM India officials who confirmed that the 390 Adventure will be manufactured in India and available for sale in 2019. (KTM India is owned by Indian engine manufacturer Bajaj). Unfortunately, production timing for the rest of the world is not clear.

So if the KTM 390 Adventure makes it into production, it will likely use the same single cylinder engine as presently found in the KTM 390 Duke, potentially with tuning differences. The current engine puts out about 43 HP and 26 ft-lbs of torque. The 390 Duke weighs in at about 340 pounds, and if the 390 Adventure has a somewhat similar weight, 43 HP would seem to be sufficient but not awe inspiring.

Actual production not certain at the moment. But when a KTM executive as well as the company who will manufacture the bike’s engine say that a certain bike is coming to market, you have to think it will happen. EICMA 2019 will certainly be interesting for KTM fans.


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