This year KTM comes at EICMA bringing something exciting as usual although not revolutionary.  The new 390 Adventure brings the Austrian brand to this segment of light adventure bikes, much in the same way BMW did with its 310cc, a couple of years ago.

This new model allows shorter and less experienced riders to embrace the “ready to race” movement. The new 390 Adventure comes with a very comfy seat, standing only at 85cm from the ground and weighing a mere 158 kg, with no fuel.

The fuel tank is 14.5 liters, which I would guess will provide roughly a 300+ km range. The engine reaches a reasonable 44hp at 9000rpm. The performance of this machine is more proportionate than the usual “wild beast” feeling that the orange brand usually delivers.

An interesting new short and low aluminum muffler, along with the absence of spoked rims, gives this bike a more street look than some of the bigger adventure sisters.

This is a model that KTM, I believe, designed for “learners” who want to use the motorcycle to commute, have fun on and off-road, but that do not intend to push to its limits (even though they probably can). In a sense, this machine sits in the same category of the Duke 390.

UPDATE: Corrected incorrect engine information. Sorry about that.

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