KTM has just recently taken the wraps off their new 790 Adventure shown above.  And it appears that they are also getting ready to release a smaller 390 cc version.  The folks over at Indian outlet Zigwheels have sharp eyes and have been keeping an eye out for KTM’s smaller 390 Adventure.  Since our first report on the bike, Zigwheels has seen the bike and published “spy” shots at least two additional times.

Based on KTM’s 390 Duke, Zigwheels claims they noticed a number of changes between the two models.  According to their reports, the 390 Adventure has a beefier trellis frame than found on the Duke.  That makes sense, an ADV bike should be expected to handle rougher terrain and carry more weight than a purely street machine.

Branded accessories like panniers and top box

In addition, they saw it with accessory items like panniers and a top box.  As the spy shots indicate, both the panniers and top box were camouflaged as well.  This could be an indicator that KTM is planning its own line of “adventure” accessories including luggage.

But, the luggage accessories look to be in the early stages of development.  The panniers seem to be lashed on and not independently secured.  The top box seems to sit pretty high and far to the rear.

They also pointed out that the subframe is longer and wider than the one found in the naked machine.  Again, this makes sense since the ADV version would be expected to carry more weight.

More elements redesigned

But at their next sighting, they noticed that the triple clamp had been completely redesigned.  The forks now came equipped with adjustment knobs at the top of the fork suggesting a more adjustable and capable setup.

The fuel tank also seems to have been revised.  The fuel tank now appears to run under the seat.  This makes sense if the bike it to be an ADV oriented machine equipped for traveling longer distances.

More road biased?

Tires on the test mule are Continental TKC-70s spooned onto a 19/17 inch alloy wheel setup.  Zigwheel uses this information to arrive at the conclusion that the 390 Adventure will be a more road biased ADV machine.

But I have to wonder if that is the case.  KTM is known for having two different variants for its ADV bikes.  The regular version and the “R” version which is more off-road capable.  So the question in my mind is whether the last test mule they sighted was a mule testing some of the components that will be found on the “R” version of the bike if KTM follows its ADV bike tradition.

Rumors have the 390 Adventure becoming available at the end of 2019.  Once it does become available, rumors say the initial market will be India.  Perhaps more details will become available at EICMA.

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