We’ve just got word of the new KTM 890 Adventure—it’s been suspected for a while, with some hints from the industry, but now the new machine is confirmed.

The KTM 890 Adventure R and 890 Adventure R Rally debuted at the start of October already, using basically the same engine as the KTM 890 Duke R, but in an ADV-oriented chassis that was derived from the previous 790 Adventure models. But while there was always a “base model” 790 Adventure to go with the R and Rally models, no such model was announced for the 890 line. KTM didn’t keep us in suspense long, though; the new KTM 890 Adventure is now here, and will be the entry level into the 890 line.

Photo: KTM

KTM bills this as “The Ultimate Asphalt and Gravel Traveler,” which sounds an awful lot like the old 790 Adventure model. If you planned on hard-core offroad action on a 790, KTM wanted to sell you an R or Rally model, and it’s the same here. Although the 890 Adventure gets WP suspension (re-worked for this machine, from the old 790 suspension), it certainly doesn’t brag up the forks and shock like it does on the more expensive 890 models. However, it sounds like the Apex rear shock still has a lot of adjustability, so don’t be too scared off by the lack of fancy-pants suspenders. It still has 200 mm of travel.

The engine is the same 889cc liquid-cooled parallel twin as found in the other 890 models, making around 105 horsepower and 73 lb-ft of torque. There’s 20 percent more rotating mass in the new engine, and KTM says that makes the bike more rideable. KTM beefed up the clutch on the new machine, and also tweaked the traction control system (which was already pretty good). Like the 790, a quickshifter is available if you pay extra. There’s also a new engine knock control system, allowing riders to use low-octane gas.

The brakes and cornering-sensitive ABS systems also see upgrades for the 890, and there’s “refined ergonomics,” whatever that means (presumably, KTM moved the pegs/seat/handlebars triangle around a bit). It has a similar low-mount fuel tank to the 790 models, with 20-liter capacity. KTM ships the 890 with a TFT dashboard as standard, and users can download KTM’s MY RIDE app for infotainment usage. Heated grips, a heated seat, cruise control and swanky KTM-branded luggage are all available at extra cost.

We haven’t seen North American pricing for this model yet, but it’s supposed to be available at dealers this fall. Given the weird, messed-up nature of the current COVID-infected supply chain, you should check this bike out sooner rather than later, if you want to actually buy one.

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