Looking for some serious adventure on your KTM adventure machine?  Then KTM Australia Adventure Rally Outback Run may be for you.  Recently completed, this 7 day event through the Australian Outback from Maryfield Station to Alice Springs featured long chunks of challenging dusty, sandy and rocky terrain.  45 on site KTM staff members put together this bucket list monster event.  Their hard work provided everything a participant could need.  2700 kilometers of outback quality terrain, complete with red dirt, bull dust, sand, rocks, water crossings food and beer.

However, this KTM sponsored rally was not for the unskilled or faint of heart.  The terrain was so challenging that in the first day of the rally, five riders were evacuated by helicopter and hospitalized.  The remaining riders soon learned that to finish, a their mindset must be to ride within limits, manage fatigue and stay focused.  Of the 244 riders that started, 8 did not finish due to injury, 10 had mechanical failures and 9 withdrew after deciding they were not up to the challenge.  But for the 217 riders that did finish, equal measures of satisfaction and smiles were the order of the day.

In this 49 minute film, KTM provides a glimpse into this challenging, exciting and sometimes painful event.

Is the KTM Australia Adventure Rallye Outback Run something you’d like to do?  If it is, you’d better be ready.  The 2018 event sold out in less than 15 minutes.   Dates for the 2019 KTM Adventure Rally Australia Outback Run have yet to be announced, but after watching this film it is certainly on my bucket list.


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