Rumors have been circulating that KTM is working on a new 890 cc twin cylinder engine.  Now one outlet, iMotorbike has taken the rumor one step further.  They say that the KTM is indeed working on a new 890 cc engine and that the engine will first go into the KTM Duke R.

They claim that a development mule was spotted in Spain at the end of December 2018.  According to iMotorbike, the new Duke R is later than expected as a result of KTM’s concentration on development and release of the new 790 Adventure.

An exploded view of the KTM 790 cc twin cylinder powerplant. Photo credit: KTM

Additionally, Asphalt&Rubber suggest that the new 890 cc engine is a version of the current 790 parallel twin platform.  The increase in engine size will be accomplished by giving the lump a larger bore and longer stroke.   Based upon the 90 cc displacement increase, they think a 10 – 20 horsepower gain is possible.  If true, that would put the Duke R somewhere around 115 horsepower.

At this point, both the development of the new powerplant and the bike it will go into are just rumors.  Would KTM spend development Euros and time on a bored and stroked engine they are just rolling out?  Would an additional 90 cc of displacement change the character of the bike significantly?

What do you think?


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