KTM’s Ready To Race tagline seems to be connecting not only with European riders, but North American riders as well.  The Austrian manufacturer is expanding its operations in the U.S.  It plans to expand its North American headquarters in Murrieta, California.

According to californianewtimes.com, KTM is building a complete campus on the northeastern corner of Winchester and Borel Roads.  The KTM North America campus will span 20 acres and will include at least three buildings.  Inside, the headquarters will house more than 150,000 square feet of technology, office, warehouse, and racing department facilities.

Making the new location even more attractive is that the new spaces will be about one block south of KTM’s private motorsport facility.  Used for product testing and athlete training, the facility contains several tracks.  It houses two supercross-style dirt tracks, two extreme off-road courses, and a trial competition section.

KTM headquarters and facilities

KTM Marketing Manager Tom Moen said that KTM’s first headquarters was in Amherst, Ohio.  There was also a sales and marketing office in El Cajon, California.  Then in 2004, KTM’s North American Headquarters moved to Temecula, California, and later opened its current headquarters in Murietta with four buildings.  However, KTM has outgrown these facilities and needs more space.

In discussing the history of KTM North America, Moen said that the brand has been very strong in the off-road market for some time.  However, he also said that the company’s street segment has grown over the last three years and is now the largest European motorcycle manufacturer in North America.

When asked about staffing at the new campus, Moen is upbeat about the future.  He said that that KTM is planning on hiring as the new headquarters expands.  He estimates that the number of new jobs could be about 50 within a year.

Groundbreaking for the new facility will occur sometime in August 2021.




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