Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM has gone global with its manufacturing facilities.  They have several plants in various parts of the world.  And now, KTM India is celebrating its 10th anniversary of building and selling motorcycles. 

In the course of a decade, the company has gained a reputation for sporty motorcycles in the  Indian “premium” segment.  Starting in 2021, team orange has grown from a stable of just two motorcycle models in a single segment to eleven models in three different segments.  KTM now has models in the naked, supersport, and adventure categories.  These bikes come in various engine displacements from 125cc to 390cc.

KTM India

Photo credit: KTM India

So to celebrate, KTM India is introducing a number of benefits for KTM India buyers.  The offers are valid on all new KTM and, interestingly, Husqvarna models.  While the KTM brand has been in India for 10 years, Husqvarna has only been in India for a single year.  But both companies are subsidiaries of Pierer Mobility, and because of that, the offers cover both brands.

First, KTM/Husqvarna is offering a free three-year extended warranty in addition to the standard two-year warranty.  Ultimately, buyers of KTM/Husky bikes in India will get a 5-year warranty.  In addition, buyers will receive one year of complimentary roadside assistance.  Finally, buyers will receive a 50 percent discount on KTM Pro-Experiences.  KTM Pro-Experiences feature week-long and longer guided adventure tours, shorter long weekend rides, and track days.

The special offers are available “for a limited time” (no end date provided) for buyers of KTM and Husqvarna motorcycles on or after 18 August 2021.  

Would you be more interested in purchasing a KTM/Husky motorcycle if it came with a 5-year warranty in North America?  Let us know in the comments below. 






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