Lots of manufacturers have museums dedicated to their brand.  And that’s good news for enthusiasts.  KTM is no different and has its own museum called the Motohall.  It’s been open since May 2019 for enthusiasts to browse and learn about KTM history.  Visitors can roam the buildings three levels as they learn about KTM’s history and its design process.

Guided 75-minute group tours are also available at €90 per group of a maximum of 20 people.  But what if you want a guided tour and don’t have 20 people?

To address this, KTM is rolling out a new self-guided audio tour.  For an additional €3.90 over the cost of admission, guests will receive a card with an individual code and ear buds.  Tour participants can scan a QR code or visit guid.ktm.motohall.at to be led on a digital tour.

motohall audio tour guide

KTM’s new audio tour provides visitors with a scannable audio guide and earbuds.

The tour escorts visitors to 17 different stations throughout the three KTM Motohall levels.  The selected stops also allow guests to see and participate in interactive “modules.”  For international guests, the audio tour is also available in English.

KTM Motohall Managing Director René Esterbauer said:

“We are proud to have further developed our individual placement concept and, in addition to the guided tours, our visitors to the KTM Motohall To be able to offer AUDIOGUIDE “

Motohall self-guided and guided tours

Now that guests can take self-guided audio tours, the traditional KTM Motohall guided tour is still available.  The guided tour lets visitors experience “Past, current, and future KTM models, developments…” with a trained guide knowledgable about KTM’s past, present, and future.

KTM Motohall levels

KTM’s Motohall features exhibits on three levels.

Also, if you want to take the guided tour, you must book it in advance.  Guided tours are available in German, English, and other languages upon request.    If you would like a KTM Motohall guided tour, you can book them directly at info.motohall@ktm.com/tickets or call +43 7742 6000 1953.

The Motohall is open with COVID-19 Rules of Conduct that promote social distancing and similar precautions.  The museum is open Wednesday through Sunday from 09:00 to 18:00, including public holidays.

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